Monday, February 28, 2011

Fisherman With Black Waders

Here is a painting, acrylic and oil on canvas, 24" x 36", that I started in 2001 and have just re worked today, causing it to be a painting that's been ten years in the making.

People often ask me "how long did it take you to do that?"

The answer is very difficult to ascertain for many reasons.

One reason is that (and I think many artists will concurr) when you begin to paint; time melts away, becomes irrelevant, or just plain stops.

Another is that it's hard to guage how much time you've spent on a piece if you are working on multiple projects simultaneously, and hop from on to another in a frenzy of production.

Studio Action Shots

Thanks to Veronica; Painter, Photographer, and oh yea, Doctor, who stopped by Sean Boyce Studios yesterday & took this action shot of me at work. I had to make sure my shirt matched my palette before we got the photo session started.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Fisherman with Orange Waders"

I've entered this painting into the members' juried show at the PAAM in Provincetown. I took a risk as it's a bit of a strange piece in a number of ways. I'll find out tomorrow if it gets in or not. When I rolled up into Ptown yesterday it was a ghost town as I expected (February 23, 2011), except when I entered The PAAM. There were about 20 artists milling about, dropping off paintings, filling out forms, arguing with staff and volunteers. There were over one hundred paintings lined up around the walls. It is quite a testament to the power of The PAAM that they summon this many artists in the dead of winter. I saw many New York license plates (well 2 or 3, but still, February). So it will be quite competitive as always up there at the edge of the world.

For more info on the painting go to my newly revamped (and still under construction) website.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Falmouth Main Street"

Strolling down main street in Falmouth on a gorgeous day, not too shabby.

Oil on Canvas, 24" x 36", 2011, to be exhibited at "Boyce's Buzzards Bay" at Gallery 333 in North Falmouth June 9-19.

See a bit more info on this piece at

"Wild Harbor General Store"

They say "write what you know". Well I paint what I know: Boston and Cape Cod (I gotta get out more).

This piece will be in the upcoming exhibit on Cape Cod at Gallery 333 in North Falmouth.

Oil on canvas, 18" x 24", 2011

There's a bit more text to accompany the piece at

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Public Garden with Bridge and Both Hancocks

Oil on canvas, 11" x 14", 2010, $910.00

I started this piece in early fall before it got too cold, although this particular day was colder than it should have been, and windy. So I set up in the park on a little spit of land jutting out into the lagoon with this exciting view before me. I was happy to be trying to capture so many cool Boston elements like, the suspension bridge, lagoon, and the iconic buildings in the background. As usual, I had a heck of a time getting the composition to gel properly, with much revision and re - starting in the drawing phase on the canvas which I usually do with thinned out burnt sienna. Once I finally had blocked in the drawing where I wanted it I was so cold that when I hammered in the color, the impetus to get feeling back into my fingers really helped put some "energy" into the handling of the paint.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Installation of "Roxbury in Autumn"

Sam, Sarah, Bruce, Jason, Earl, and myself underwent the precarious job of hanging one of my most important paintings to date in one of my most important venues today.

"Roxbury in Autumn" total framed size: 58" x 74", approximate weight, 50 pounds was hung on a wall about 15 feet above a thirty step staircase at the new boloco opening on Copley Square tomorrow, Feburary 3, 2011.

Sam, Sarah and I held the ladder while Bruce who is over seven feet tall weighing close to 300 pounds hung the piece handed him by Jason and Earl.

If the ladder had collapsed or slipped, all four of us could have been hurt pretty bad.

I can't thank these people enough for risking thier own life and limb to help get this project done.